This LEGO Tape Lets You Turn Any Such Thing Towards Lego-Compatible Exterior, And Here’s What Can Be Done

Lego is fairly probably the most useful model ever before designed, but also those amazing synthetic building obstructs have actually their particular restrictions. As an example, it is possible to just utilize them on a-flat area or a Lego board, but shortly you’ll have the ability to stick your bricks anywhere you would like because of this functional tape by Nimuno.

It’s flexible, it’s cuttable, also it is sold with an adhesive backing in order to connect it to wall space, various other toys, and also your self if you prefer! It enables you to make curvy forms such as for example mountains, streams, and roadways, together with best benefit is it is really interestingly low priced. Two moves can cost you simply $11, while $50 can get you 10. The task will be financed on Indiegogo, where eager Lego lovers shortly aided it to surpass its initial money objective of $8,000 (thus far nearly 11,000 backers have actually pledged near to $400,000!), if you need the hands on a roll then they’re designed for pre-order today.

This Lego tape allows you to stick your bricks everywhere

The tape is versatile and you will reduce it to virtually any dimensions

Its glue allows you to connect it to any or all types of areas

You can also put it in your footwear!

You may want to make curvy forms such as for instance mountains and streams

The tape is manufactured by a design studio known as Nimuno, which funded the task on Indiegogo

Their particular initial target ended up being $8,000 but backers have actually because raised over $375,000!

The tape is remarkably low priced, with 2 moves costing simply $11 USD. $50 can get you 10

It’s available for pre-order today, with delivery scheduled for July

Online ended up being naturally fast to react

View the video clip to see most of the methods for you to make use of it:

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